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I am now in the world of the gainfully employed!

A bit of background: I'm a certified social studies teacher and have been unemployed/subbing for the past 6 years. Being hired by school districts in my area is an incredibly difficult prospect. I have interviewed countless times, but have always gotten the "you're a strong candidate, but we decided to go with someone else" phone call each time. At one point, I told a friend "if I hear the phrase 'strong candidate' one more time, I swear I'm gonna take a hostage!"

I recently applied for, and interviewed for, a long-term assignment teaching high school social studies. The teacher who was leaving the position was one I had subbed for frequently. I knew his classes, his routines, and his students very well. But, yet again, I got the "strong candidate" phone call. I was DEVASTATED!

Yesterday, however, I got a phone call from the principal at this high school. Evidently the guy they hired was "unable to fulfill his contract" (her words), and then offered me the position. I was in the middle of subbing at another school, and I literally started doing the happy dance in the middle of class. Yes, I got many strange looks from the students. I then wrote out the sign above and showed it to them, all while still talking on the phone. Smiles and cheers replaced their quizzical looks.

I know this is is only a temporary position, and I am not taking it for granted that I will be hired on permanently (been down that disappointing path before). But, I am still over-the-moon happy. First - I get to teach for 2 months. I get my own classroom. I set my own agenda instead of deciphering other teachers' agendas. But most importantly, second - I feel validated. Even though I am their second choice, I was still selected. After the year that I've had, this is huge!

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