My One Little Word - BELIEVE

8:32 AM

For the first time, I am joining Ali Edwards in her year-long journey to invite "one little word" into life. I usually shy away from year-long projects, mostly because my ADHD kicks in and I forget about them after the first month. But this project spoke to me.

After thinking about OLW for most of December, my word hit me like a ton of bricks on January 1. The word BELIEVE says it all. It speaks to all areas of my life.

Health - I need to BELIEVE that I am capable of living a healthy lifestyle. I need to BELIEVE that taking the time to plan out healthy meals and snacks is not just extra work, that it is essential for this ADHD'er to do in order to fuel my body and brain correctly. I need to BELIEVE that I am capable of overcoming cravings and setbacks.

Parenthood - I do BELIEVE that I am a good mother. I look at my kids and marvel how they have grown to be strong, capable adults. I BELIEVE they will both find their place in the world and will succeed beyond their wildest dreams. I BELIEVE that their successes are, in part, a result of the strong parenting they received (and continue to receive).

Friendships - I need to BELIEVE that I am capable of having strong, meaningful friendships. I need to BELIEVE that I matter to my friends as much as they matter to me. I need to BELIEVE in myself to know when I am being used by a friend and that I deserve better.

Career - I do BELIEVE that I am a great teacher. I need to BELIEVE that I have the ability to demonstrate to others that I am a great teacher, that I am their best choice for employment.

ME - I need to BELIEVE in myself. I need to BELIEVE that perfection is not possible. I need to BELIEVE that having a perfect house in perfect order is not possible. I need to BELIEVE that my physical looks are beautiful without any perceived notion of perfection. I need to BELIEVE that I am intelligent, that I can hold my own in an argument and not be sidelined intellectually.

I hope you'll continue to join me on this year as I discover what it means to BELIEVE.

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  1. I think this sounds like a wonderful word. Good luck on your journey this year! I'm doing OLW for the first time this year too. My word is curate.

  2. What a great word and you are all those things!! Give yourself grace, perfection is overrated! lol. It's my first time too.

  3. I think you chose a great and powerful word. Believing in yourself is half the battle! My word for 2014 will be "simplify." Look forward to following your progress!

  4. Wonderful choice! And it is so true that believing in yourself is half the battle! You can do it!

  5. what a great word for 2014 OLW! Looking forward to following your progress!

  6. Believe is such a good word. I'm excited to follow your journey with it.

  7. Awesome word. Looks like it's going to impact many parts of your life!!


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