Zack's Vehicle Adventure

1:22 PM

Zack is now a car owner!

Ever since he got his license last year, he's been on the hunt for his own car. It's been difficult, though, seeing as his work hours have been varied and he has his other household expenses to deal with. In order to get to work, he's been taking the bus, but if he had to work late, we'd have to go pick him up. His social life was totally dependent on his friends being able to provide transportation.

When taking Alyssa back to school after her ankle surgery, she mentioned that her boyfriend's dad was selling his old Jeep Cherokee. Its a 1999 vehicle with 180,000 miles on it, but she said it's in great condition, plus he was asking only $2750 for it! I texted Zack immediately - CALL THIS GUY!!!! That night, after I returned home, Zack was at our house doing his laundry. I gave him the phone number and had him call.

The next night, Zack and I, along with Zack's Grandpa, went to look at the vehicle. Seeing as its a 1999 vehicle, I figured it would be rather beat up. But, no, I was pleasantly surprised! This Jeep looked fantastic! The body is in great condition, the interior is spotless, and the engine purrs like a kitten! This was too great of a deal to pass up!

So, Zack is now the proud owner of a 1999 Jeep Cherokee. He's now putting together a winter survival kit (blankets, shovel, sand, etc) and learning what it takes to keep up a vehicle like this. He calls it "his project."

And we no longer have to go out at 10pm on weekend nights to pick Zack up from work!

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  1. Great looking car. Congrats to him!

  2. Wow, love it when things work out like that! How nice to find a great vehicle at a reasonable price. Enjoy your freedom, Zack. :)


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