Beginning Back-To-Basics Scrapbooking: Practice Before You Cut & Glue

7:13 PM

A much belated post in my Beginning Back-To-Basics series - I know!

This week, we're going to look at how you can practice scrapbooking techniques before you use your actual pictures.

Before I made my first bona-fide scrapbook page, I used school pictures of my nieces and nephews to practice techniques. Now, this isn't to say that pics of my in-laws' adorable children aren't important. Using school pictures (or Christmas card pictures, etc) is nice because all you have to focus on is just the photo & technique - no journaling, etc.

Here are some examples of my practice pages:

Genius works of art, aren't they?

But here's a few things I learned from these pages:

  1. I learned about colors & how to choose papers based on the colors in my photos.
  2. I learned about matting photos.
  3. I learned how to print text "mirror-image" on my computer and cut out letters with a craft knife.
So, this is my tip for you this week: use photos that you don't intend to scrap to make practice pages. You'll learn a lot, plus those pages will give you something to look back on and smile. 

Happy Scrapping!

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