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Have you tried Zumba®?

You haven't???

Well, you should!

I've been doing Zumba® for almost 4 years now. When I knew for sure that my teaching contract in Custer wasn't going to be renewed, I went on a journey of self-care. There was so much I couldn't control in my life at that moment, but I could control how I took care of myself. I joined Weight Watchers that spring, and then set foot into a Zumba® class during the summer.

I had never felt anything so exhilarating and liberating in my life!

For those who aren't familiar with it, Zumba® is a fitness program based on latin & international dance rhythms. In any Zumba® class, you will do a merengue, salsa, cumbia, and reggaeton along with hip-hop, samba, tango, flamenco, belly dance, etc. Zumba® instructors take basic steps from each of these rhythms and incorporate fitness moves to make a class fun yet "butt-kicking." "Exercise in disguise" is the philosophy.

And I love it!

The moves are slightly provocative (it is Latin dance, after all!), but not in a "slutty" way. I could never imagine shimmying my chest or shaking my butt in any other aspect of my life, yet in Zumba®, it feels totally natural. Zumba® makes me feel strong and powerful, yet sensual and sexy as well. Can you get that from kickboxing???? :)

Two years ago, I became licensed to teach Zumba®  Since then, I've taken trainings to teach Zumba Kids®, Zumba Toning®, Zumba Sentao® (using a chair to tone & sculpt), and will soon be trained to teach the new Zumba Step® program. I teach Zumba® every Saturday morning, and team-teach Zumba Kids® with my buddy Abbi every Wednesday evening. I now probably have more Zumba clothes in my wardrobe than work-appropriate clothes!

Zumba® has changed my life, both physically and mentally. I am more confident in my body. I now have a core group of friends who all share my passion for Zumba®  I have learned so much about Latin cultures through Zumba®, which I am putting to use when I'm in the classroom.

Want to check out a Zumba® class? Click here and enter your zip code. It's that simple! And while you're at it, get yourself a pair of cargo pants with long tassels hanging off the butt. It looks awesome when doing a salsa!

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  1. Oh how fun! I've been wanting to try Zumba. The complex we just moved into has free classes and I will definitely take advantage of that once my knee heals up. I'm kind of intimidated though :)

  2. I have a really bad knee (surgery on it 5+ years ago) and I wear one of those knee bands during Zumba - it gives my knee just a little bit of support without being restricting. Before your fist class, tell your instructor about your knee - hopefully she/he will show you how to modify the moves.


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