Operation Anti-Bah Humbug Day 1

10:16 AM

I am determined this Christmas season to be filled with wonder, joy, and to leave any feelings of "bah humbug-ness" behind.

One of the ways I'm going to accomplish this is to attend church on Sunday mornings. Church services help me to clear my mind and to focus on spirituality - very useful for banishing the "bah humbug" monster.

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church is a wonder. The main chapel is relatively newly built, but I still get the same feelings in there that I did back at the old St. Mark's in Worcester. The scent in the chapel is comforting. I suppose its the scent of the incense used. I take comfort in the ritual of the liturgy, especially now that I understand the meanings and reasons behind each of the rituals.

I had some serious challenges the rest of the day, but looking back to how the day started still comforts me. The Christmas season can be stressful, but keeping the "reason for the season" in mind helps to keep the stress at bay. At least for Day 1.

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