Project Life Week 51

1:55 PM

Week 51 was all about two things - prep for the Holidays and dealing with technology crises. Mom's laptop crashed suddenly on Sunday, which threw her entire life (and mine, to a degree) into an uproar. Rob did manage to salvage her hard drive, and thanks to a new cable he ordered, was able to retrieve all of her documents. I took her to Office Depot on Monday so she could get a new computer (I had already found one online that they had in stock). The only downside to that was she had to upgrade to Windows 8, which was a serious challenge for her. But, by Thursday, she had her documents back and her new computer customized in a way that she could function. She got me a $100 gift certificate to Technique Tuesday as a thank you gift.

So here's this week's layout. I used the Jade core kit:

I kept up with journaling the week using the Day One app for my MacBook and my iPhone. It helped tremendously in putting together this layout. The photos were mostly random everyday pics I took during the week, so having those stories recorded really saved me!

The "Say What?" card was something I recorded Zack saying while having our weekly "Big Ass Burrito Tuesday" dinner at Q'Doba. It was so...."Zackian!"

The card with the "story" die cut contains the journaling about Mom's computer saga. The stamp that says "crapiness" is from this awesome set by Studio L2E. I love finding journaling cards, stamp sets, and embellishments that aren't all "oh this was the BEST DAY EVER." Life isn't like that! There are going to be some crappy days! I appreciate products that reflect the normal-ness of everyday life.

My niece had her 13th birthday this week as well. I documented her party with a 3-up insert:

And that's all she wrote for Week 51!

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