Pre-Christmas Traditions

3:40 PM

On Sunday night, the kids and I spent the evening at my mom's, wrapping presents and helping her with her minimal Christmas decorations. She and the kids have this system where each person gets his or her own wrapping paper and all of their presents are wrapped in that same paper. Alyssa always has some penguin-themed paper, Zack and Mom always have some red-dominant print. Rob and I each get whatever the others don't. It works.

After the living room is decorated, we each get to open one present early. It's never our "big" present - just something minor that will put a smile on our faces but not leave us disappointed on Christmas Day.

Alyssa got a new Colorado Rapids team scarf:

She seems so enthusiastic, doesn't she? Actually, she had just come off a work week where she received overtime hours. In fact, she's been basically working straight through ever since she got home from school. Mom told her she needs to learn a new magic word - NO!

Zack's early gift was a vinyl copy of The Beatles' "White Album." He's eventually going to own all of The Beatles' albums on vinyl. Like having them on CD isn't enough. :)

I opened up a package that contained a Washington Nationals zip-up hoodie. It's a little tight on me, but it gives me something to work down towards, right?

After the present-opening, Mom served us gingerbread and whipped cream. Having a treat is also a tradition we observe during this pre-Christmas rite.

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