December Daily - Day 1

5:55 AM

Happy December, everyone!

This is the third year I've attempted December Daily. Note the word "attempted." I've actually only completed one year. This year, I am GOING to finish this project! I am GOING to keep up with it on a daily basis!  My blog will help keep me accountable.

I've done a few things differently this year to help set me up for success. First, I limited my supplies. I am working from Ali Edwards' main December Daily kit as well as mini-kits from Jasmine Jones and Ashley Goldberg (all kits are available here if you are interested). When I received the kits, I went through them and set aside only those items that I knew I would use. None of this "well maybe I can fit this in somewhere...." Limiting my supplies will help avoid feeling overwhelmed by choices.

Second, I actually set up foundation pages - meaning I totally plagiarized Ali's foundation pages. I have never done foundation pages before, so yeah...I copied.

Finally, I have a running list of stories to tell. On those days when I'm feeling totally brain dead, or when no other story inspires me, I'll use this list to keep me going.

So, with that in mind - here are my pages for December 1:

The left-side page is one I set up ahead of time, following Ali's lead. It includes all sorts of baubles, sealed into 2x2 pockets using my Fuse tool. 

The right side is the one I worked on today. 

The Story: My mom sent me this beautiful centerpiece for my dining room table. It is made from live balsam fir branches. She knows I've been trying to be less "bah humbug-ish" about the holiday season, so she tries to find things to help me reach this goal. Candlelight is so peaceful and the smell of the pine is amazing! It definitely puts me in a Christmas-y mood!

The Design: Since the photo is so dramatic and the journal card below is fairly detailed, I wanted to use a minimal amount of embellishments. The numeral "1" is from a Thickers set called "Countdown to Christmas." I picked it up at Hobby Lobby. The "joy and light" was stamped using Ali's December Circles stamp set. I printed the journaling on the card by creating a text box in Photoshop and then printing directly on the card. The gold ribbon on the bottom is from my stash.

So there's Day 1. I WILL keep this up!!!!

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  1. This page is just so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I have also had trouble finishing this project, but not this year! I am so excited and ready for it. I look forward to seeing more of your pages!

    1. Thank you, Janet! Last year, I had an infected tooth which led to the root canal from hell, so DD only went up to Day 10 I think. :)

  2. So peaceful. Love the red plaid at the lower part of the page as it creates the perfect balance!

  3. This is such a beautiful, peaceful page.

  4. Looks beautiful! Love your Dec 1 story.


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