December Daily - Day 4

12:40 PM

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and well-wishes regarding my father-in-law. He continues to be stable, but he's still in the ICU for the time being.

For Day 4, I decided to celebrate the little joys life offers in the face of hard times.

The Story: My kids are both adults now. One lives on his own and the other lives at home part time and in Bozeman part time, depending on her job situation. Between their crazy work schedules, it is a rare treat to have them both together, so I celebrate those moments when this mama bird has all her birdies back in the nest.

The Design: I had the "ho ho ho" paper and the "4" card already in place from my foundation pages. I decided to print the photo in black and white, partly because the photo was poorly lit (taken inside Buffalo Wild Wings with my daughter's Samsung Galaxy 6 phone) and partly to coordinate with the black-white-gold theme I had going with the foundation pages. I used the "filled with joy" card for my journaling, thinking it went well with both the theme of the page and the color scheme. I kept the embellishments simple, mostly just to spread the gold across the pages to create a sense of unity.

I also added in a transparency page from Ali's main kit. I figured it would be a good fit here, mostly because the "ho ho ho" page isn't essential to the story, so it wouldn't be like I was cutting the spread in two. I ran a strip of gold stripe washi across the center of the page and adhered one of the rubber banners from the main kit.

Here's what all three pages look like outside of the album:

And here is what they look like in the album with the transparency page added:

Thanks for taking a peek today. On to Day 5!

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