December Daily - Days 6 & 7

5:00 AM

So after some great advice from my friends on Facebook, I figured out how to deal with the 2x2" pockets.

The Story: On Sunday, my hubby dragged all of the Christmas boxes out of the shed and I set to work Christmas-ifying the house. This was extremely important to me. First, given all that's been going on, I desperately needed some cheer and twinkle in the house. Second, living in Montana, it gets dark here really early so having the extra light inside makes things a bit brighter.

I love our Christmas tree!

The Design: Given the constraints of the page protectors I had allotted for this day,  I placed the journal card and picture of the tree outside of the protectors. I cut one side off the 2x2" pocket page and used my Fuse tool to seal the pockets with the sequins.

That washi tape on the right side of the card? That was used to cover up the fact that I punched the holes in the card on the wrong side. Ooops!

Here's the back of the two inserts:

And here's my Day 7 Spread:

The Story:  I'm a substitute teacher, which can be incredibly boring. Today, I spent the entire day watching students do bookwork. It got so bad that I decided to clean out my purse.

The Design: I kept it simple for today. Just some stamping on the photo, glitter tape on the journal card, and that's about it. Easy Peasy!

Thanks again to everyone that helped me through my mind block yesterday!

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  1. Hi Beth. Thanks for sharing your pages. I followed your link from Ali's site. I like to see other's incorporating extra pages and bits and your pages are really well coordinated.


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